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Commercial solar lowers costs

Farms and businesses
benefit from commercial solar
more than anyone else
thanks to ideal build locations,
debt-free financing
and accelerated depreciation.

Commercial Solar:
Providing clean energy at fair cost
to the farms that feed America

Harvest sunshine while you’re at it.

What if there was a high-demand, high-yield crop
perfectly suited to your farm
that you could harvest and sell year-round
using 100% automated equipment
that would last more than 30 years
with no maintenance,
whose cost could be subsidized up to 75%
and paid for over time without taking on debt?

Welcome to the world of commercial solar.

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It’s that good.

Your utility will buy the excess electricity you produce during the day and let you buy it back at comparable prices at night, eliminating your electric bill. If you’re lucky enough to live in Xcel territory, you will get paid cash for all of the energy you produce, even the energy you use, for ten years!

Farms and businesses qualify for Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, a state-backed program that allows you to make payments as your system generates savings. Let’s say that again: You don’t make payments until you’ve already saved that much money or more. PACE financing is cash flow positive from Day 1.

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Farm smart.

Best of all, between tax credits, utility rebates, grants and accelerated depreciation, your commercial solar system will pay for itself in less than 7 years. Since the equipment will last for well over 30 years, your farm will have more than 23 years of free electricity. That means better profit and more security. (One customer’s banker was so impressed with the numbers that he got solar, too.)

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