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We couldn’t say it better.

So we’ll let our customers speak for themselves.
We have had the honor of working with articulate, intelligent citizens who want to pave the way to a better future.
Here are a few of the stories behind their decisions to go solar.

Solar + Electric Vehicles: Angela & Erik

Angela and Eric's transition to a solar-powered lifestyle began when they moved from their Rochester home near Eric’s office to a farmstead in Oronoco where Angela could put her environmental studies and agricultural experience to work. “We were interested in the early generation electric cars back when we started hearing about them, and we felt compelled to [...]

Solar for Sustainable Agriculture: Squash Blossom Farm

Roger and Susan of Squash Blossom Farm were Solar Connection’s first customers. Despite having no agricultural experience between the two of them, Roger and Susan decided to not just buy a farm—their dream of 25 years—but to transition it to permaculture. “’Sustainability’ wasn’t the word back then, but when we bought this farm, our whole focus was [...]

Solar Panels for the Passive House: John & Nancy

Ten years ago, John and Nancy started thinking of moving from their home in St. Peter to the La Crosse area. They searched for years, but couldn’t find a home that met their needs or which they would be excited to renovate. “We started the slow process of figuring out where do we want to live, thinking [...]

Solar for Large-Scale Agriculture: Denny

Denny Hamm was the first in his area to install solar, but he has farmed in the Chatfield area his whole life. “I was a year old when my folks moved here, and my dad has farmed all his life. It’s just my kind of thing, between the livestock and doing a little bit of woodworking and [...]

Is Solar Worth It: Michael & Lisa

For most people considering solar, meeting with a Solar Connection energy consultant is their first direct exposure to the technology. That was not the case for Michael Wojcik. “I went to the University of North Dakota and was part of a team that built a solar vehicle that raced down the Eastern seaboard. I’m a fanboy, I [...]