Home solar
makes sense

Solar lowers or eliminates
your electric bill for decades,
and immediately increases
the value of your home.

Finally, an investment for your home, the environment,
and the community.

Icon of a dollar symbol representing how much money home solar can save you. The average Minnesota homeowner would save $30,000 by going solar.


Home solar lowers your long-term energy expenses, usually by more than 50%. It also increases property value without increasing property taxes. With our low-interest financing, the average homeowner will save $25,000 or more. A site evaluation will tell you exactly what to expect.

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Icon of a tree representing the benefits of solar energy for the environment. The average Minnesota home solar installation has the same environmental impact as planting more than 3,000 trees.


Installing solar on the average Minnesota home is the equivalent of biking instead of driving for more than 415,000 miles. Seriously. You don’t have to let anyone else decide the ecological impact your lifestyle will have. Slash your carbon footprint without changing your daily routine.

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Icon of a group of people representing the impact home solar can have on a community. The more people who go solar, the more financially and ecologically healthy our neighborhoods will be.


Want to know what makes people more likely to get home solar? If they live within a quarter mile of someone else who already has it. Lead by example by being the first in your neighborhood to go solar. Our customers are glad they did.

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Icon of a house representing the benefits of solar energy


Solar can be beautiful. We have black-on-black panels (so no silver lines or frames), glass-backed panels (great for eaves or pergolas) and and more custom design elements. If you care about aesthetics, let us show you the possibilities.

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