Solar panels
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families, farms or businesses,
roof-mounted or ground-mounted,
our solar panels have got you covered.

Solar Panels: Eliminate your electric bill

Save 50% on your electricity costs by owning your own solar panels. If your site is solar-friendly, the savings may be even higher.

Solar can meet your needs year-round thanks to net metering. Any extra energy you produce in the summer, the electric company will give back to you in the winter at no extra cost.

Solar panels are also extremely durable. Your system is warrantied for 25 years and, like your car and its warranty, will last much longer.

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Solar Panels + Electric Vehicles: Drive on sunshine

You need just 9 solar panels to drive about 12,000 miles each year. If you are installing solar on your home, farm or business, adding solar panels for an electric car accelerates your payback. If you replaced a 20mpg vehicle, the additional equipment would pay for itself in about four years.

Cost of Transportation:

  • Gas: $1,320/year
  • Electricity from the utility: $480/year
  • Electricity from solar: $188/year

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Off-Grid & Battery Back-Up: Declare your independence

We are one of the few outfits in the state that can install solar battery systems. (Did we mention Curt has a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry? He can tell you the chemical composition of your batteries at any state of the discharge cycle. He’s badass like that.)

We’ve outfitted remote family cabins and net-zero homes with fully off-grid solar electrical systems. While those projects are few and far between, battery or generator back-up is relevant for any location where the failure of electric equipment endangers life or property.

There are nuances–and major safety implications–to designing systems that tie solar panels, the grid, batteries and generators, and we are the region’s only installer who knows them all.

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Environmental Impact: Reduce your carbon footprint

Going solar will lower your carbon emissions more than any other single action, yet it requires no lifestyle change whatsoever. (The only other comparable choice would be to no longer eat any animal products at all, and if you can do that, we cheer for you. You’re a better person than we are.)

Coal provides more than 60% of Minnesota’s electricity. Since plans to retrofit plants for natural gas will likely take decades to implement, it is possible that the arctic ice cap will have melted before the state makes the transition. Fortunately, solar panels make it possible for independent citizens to shrink their carbon footprints.

It is more important than ever that those who know, act.

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