Allow us to introduce ourselves.

Curt Shellum is the owner of Solar Connection and a lifelong energy enthusiast.
Curt Shellum, Owner
Micah Johnson is the Operations Manager at Solar Connection and a gifted conversationalist.
Micah Johnson, Operations Manager
Taylor Iverson, Construction Manager
Ike Estby is a Crew Lead at Solar Connection and an all-around great guy.
Ike Estby, System Design and Installation
Chris Olofson, Solar Energy Expert
Garret Sorensen, Energy Consultant
Adam Andreasen, Energy Consultant
Brian Knoll, Electrician
Cole Swanson, Solar Installation
Todd Renard, Marketing & Scheduling
Rachael Howe is the office manager at Solar Connection and runs Ahlman's Gun Shop.
Rachael Howe, Office Manager
Eric Theuer, Accounting & Finance
Jerry Cleveland, Solar Outreach