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Solar PV

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Solar Panels: Reduce your electric bill

Save 50% to 100% on your electricity costs by owning your own solar panels. The savings will depend on the space available for solar and the nature of your site.   

Solar can meet your needs year-round thanks to net metering. If you have excess energy generation, your meter will go backwards and credit the energy to your utility account. There is nothing wasted! 

Solar panels are also extremely durable. Your system is warrantied for 25 years, and odds are good it will last much longer.

Solar + Batteries

Solar Panels + Batteries

We have been installing battery systems since 2010. We can design and install a system that will meet your needs!

  • Off Grid – If you don’t have electric service to your property and the costs associated with running power lines are too high, an off-grid system may be a good option.

  • Back-up power – If you live in a home where you cannot risk losing power when the grid goes down, solar PV plus batteries may be a good option. Pure grid-connected PV systems will turn off when the grid goes down so as not to feed energy into a grid that is being serviced.

  • Demand reduction – Some businesses and homeowners, depending on the way their utility rates are set up, may benefit from batteries that can deliver energy as needed to cut peak demand.

Solar + Car Charger

Solar Panels + Car Charger: Drive on sunshine with an Electric Vehicle

More and more, we are installing solar for electric vehicle (EV) owners or people who will own an EV. We also install all manner of EV car chargers including a charger that is built right into the solar inverter. This solar-integrated charger can offer savings on installation because only one thing rather than two is being installed.   

You need just eight solar panels to drive about 12,000 miles each year. If you are installing solar on your home or business, adding solar panels for an electric car is the perfect thing to do. Electric cars get the equivalent of 110 MPG. Now add in the fact that you are charging them with free sunshine!

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