Solar panels offer energy independence

Installing solar panels at your business or farm fixes your electricity costs over the life of the system, and protects your business from energy inflation.

Solar energy cuts operational costs and improves margins

With tax credits and other incentives, a commercial solar system will pay for itself in 5-10 years! Since the robust solar panel equipment will last 30 years or more, your business will have more than 20 years of free electricity.

Are there financing options available for my farm or business?

There are financing opportunities available to fund eligible energy saving projects for businesses or farms, which includes solar energy. One opportunity is the Property Assess Clean Energy (PACE) loan where approved solar energy projects receive 100% refinancing at competitive rates. The PACE loan is repaid as a property tax assessment over 10 years.

PACE overcomes the challenges that have hindered adoption of energy improvement projects in our nation’s buildings by eliminating up-front solar energy costs and by providing low-cost, long-term financing up-front costs, and by providing low-cost, long-term financing.

Farm & Commercial Stories

Farm & Commercial Stories

Roger and Susan of Squash Blossom Farm were Solar Connection’s first customers. Despite having no agricultural experience between the two of them, Roger and Susan decided to not just buy a farm—their dream of 25 years—but to transition it to permaculture.

They considered leveraging wind power because of their location on a hill, but solar won in the end because of its low maintenance and the convenience of their barn’s south-facing roof.

“It is an integral part of the story of our farm because we’re trying to be a permaculture farm, and a key part of that is resource conservation. I think solar is probably the biggest impact we’ve had thus far.”

Denny Hamm has farmed in Chatfield, MN his whole life and was the first in his area to install solar panels after adding on to the farm’s structures in 2012.

“It’s nice to have a piece of equipment that never shuts down. It just starts itself up each morning. Most people don’t even know the panels are here unless they see an article in the paper or hear me talking about it. So it’s not like a windmill, which some people think are an eyesore.”

Farm & Commercial Stories

Farm & Commercial Highlights

Solar Panel Installation at Little Thistle Brewery Rochester MN
Little Thistle-SM
Solar Panel Installation Habitat for Humanity
Habitat for Humanity ReStore – SM
Local business, Hentges Glass of Byron, found value in a large solar system for their energy needs.
Farms with high energy usage costs have the best generated savings options. Out in Lake City, solar beat the other options by a long shot.
From cold storage facilities to general businesses, solar is a great solution to keep things affordable.
A small corn and soybean crop farm keeping energy costs down with their array.
A data center bristling with servers humming along, running on their solar array.
A large hog farm filling up their available roof space with all the solar panels they can fit!
A 2400 head hog farm is saving five times more than the solar system cost, and it even pays itself off in seven years.
A 4800 head hog farm is mitigating most all his electric costs and saving over a quarter million in the long run.
A two row solar array tucked out of the way on a crop farm just down the road.
Quarry Hill Nature Center’s new array here in Rochester, MN.
A single row ground mount hugging the edge of a field on a nearby farm.
A unique roof mount on a dairy and livestock farm in sunny Minnesota.
A farm’s ground mount, hidden away on the edge of land laying fallow.
A large roof mount solar array on a hog farm that’s just another piece of the landscape.
A simple roof mount array on a home business shed.
A ground mount array with heavy anchored footings, ready to stand the test of time!
Simple roof mount solar system on a steel roof, open air shed.
A large solar system on a livestock farm that’s helping keep operating costs consistently low.
A quick shot of yet another shed roof mount that’s reflecting light on white and pulling it in on the black panels.
A large solar array shed mount array for an owner that likes to prepare and plan for the long-term.
A row of recommended inverters on a nearby farm system.
Solar Panels at Torrance Casting
Torrance Casting
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