Residential Solar Solutions


  • Long term savings
  • Fixed energy cost
  • Increased home equity
  • Consistent energy production


  • Non-toxic, efficient solar panels
  • Lowest carbon energy footprint


  • Minimal maintenance
  • No moving parts
  • Robust, long lasting equipment
  • Installation guaranteed against leaks

Residential Solar Makes Sense


  • Highest long term savings value
  • Tax free equity gain
  • Guaranteed energy production
  • Fixed, non-inflationary energy cost


  • Non-toxic silicate solar panels
  • Lowest carbon energy footprint


  • No roof damage or leaks from installation
  • Systems easily handle Midwest weather
  • No costly maintenance schedule
  • Safest energy source available

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of a solar system versus regular energy cost.

Less than you’re paying now

Affordable solar has arrived! The average Minnesota homeowner will end up spending around $50,000 on electricity over the next 30 years, which could all be produced with a $25,000 solar installation.

Better yet; after rebates and credits, your system might only cost you $15,000. We think that beats a never-ending, ever-increasing utility bill hands down!

Personal Stories

“We had originally assumed the panels would go on the roof of the barn. We hadn’t even thought about a ground-mount. Solar Connection suggested it because of the shade, and it has actually worked out better because it let us delay getting a new roof on the barn. It was easy-peasy. The electricians were really nice. They were funny. There weren’t any major obstacles. It was all straightforward.”

“We aimed for a 100% offset for both the house and the car, and Solar Connection was almost bang on.”

“Ultimately, we went with Solar Connection because we appreciated their curiosity and interest in working on a project like this, in helping us figure out where we would mount panels, how many we could do. They were sensitive to all the same things we were sensitive to. And a lot of it was just attitude, choosing people we thought could relate to what we were thinking about. They believed in what we were trying to do.”

“They took a lot of time making sure it was right, helping us choose the right thing, looking at what was available or not. They were just very proactive about giving us something that was going to work.”

“My major motivation to help the environment comes from family. I grew up in a family where you do what you should do. I knew solar was clean and makes sense for all of us. I wouldn’t be supporting the coal plant anymore because I know our city is still buying power from that place. We all know what we need to do, and our energy certainly shouldn’t dirty our air and water.”

“My family is all really proud that I got solar. They all think it’s pretty great, even if I spent a bit of their inheritance on it. My daughter is actually looking at getting solar now, too…and I’m in line for an electric car! I’m getting a bit older and I figure it’s not going to pay itself back in my lifetime, but that’s not the reason I got it anyway. If I could help folks consider going solar by getting it myself, I’m happy to do it.”

Residential Highlights

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