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Diversifying energy sources and reducing energy costs with solar powered energy benefits our communities and our future. With a decade of direct solar panel installation and design experience, we stand behind the solar energy technology and customers we serve. Compare us to other solar installers to see how we shine in comparison.


Curt Shellum of Solar Connection has been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), the solar installer “gold standard” certification.

NABCEP certificate holders commit to upholding a strict ethical and professional code. All complaints filed against NABCEP-certified solar installers are investigated, and only companies found to have acted ethically and professionally maintain their certifications.

Sales & Marketing

Employee Photo

Ike Estby

Solar Energy Consultant

Employee Photo

Garret Sorensen

Solar Energy Consultant

Permitting/Project Management

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Barkha Bunkar

Electrical Engineer

Employee Photo

Tim Clancy

Project Management Asst.

Spencer Adamson

CAD Specialist


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Ben Broadwater

Master Electrician

David Harrington

Electrical Apprentice

Employee Photo

Brian Knoll

Master Electrician

Jason Lamphere

Construction Manager

Alex Norman

Solar Installer

Dagan Payne

Journeyworker Electrician


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Rachael Howe

Office Manager

Employee Photo

Micah Johnson

Vice President of Operations

Chris Olofson